Friday, May 2, 2014

Red Sweet Potato - Northern Star

I love the golden sweet potato, the Beauregard variety, which now dominates supermarkets here in Australia,. It's very easy to grow and yields well. It's classified as a type of 'moist' sweet potato and to my taste it's like a denser, sweeter blue-type pumpkin. But this year I have grown the red skinned type, a 'dry' sweet potato with white flesh and it's a revelation taste-wise. It's starchier with a subtle sweetness and it's now my favourite sweet potato from the drastically limited selection we have available here (that limitation being strange and frustrating given that our nearest neighbours in Papua New Guinea have hundreds if not thousands of cultivars). Here's some photos of my red-skinned sweet potato crop which I think is called Northern Star. Next year I'm growing to plant more of these.

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