Thursday, July 5, 2012

My True Yams (Dioscorea alata)

Just for now some images of my Yams, and I don't mean Sweet Potatoes or Oca or Taro but big, gnarly Dioscorea Yams with their beautiful foliage and colourful or enormous tubers dug during winter. I'll write more fully about them soon because I think they have great potential down here in Melbourne (at latitude 38 degrees south) as an ornamental plant and as a bonus source of carbs when the weather goes grim...

Images of Oca or New Zealand Yams

So I finally learned some degree of patience and stopped "bandicooting" the Oca. As a result I can finally show images of fully grown Oca. They really are delicious and as they harvested during the late autumn and early winter gloom of May-June, ferreting out these pinky-purple grubs on a chilly afternoon was a seasonal highlight. I am on a mission now to increase my own production of Oca but to convert all of Melbourne to these tuberous wonders!