Friday, May 2, 2014

Choko or Chayote crop

So it's official - I have finally produced a good Choko crop and better still I have convinced others that they taste great and deserve to be more than a survival food. I don't know about the rest of the world but in Australia, especially it seems for people who grew up along the NSW coast, Choko is a by-word for hellish gluts and bland servings of the same vegetable night after night. This seems to affect people in some broad age range of 50-80...seriously, there is a whole group of Choko-traumatised New South Welshpersons out there. I blame the Anglo-Saxon culinary limitations of Australia during the 1950s and 60s for this because Chokos are popular with the Vietnamese community and their food is far removed from barbaric stodginess. Anyway, after some failure over recent years I have now found a nameless variety of Choko via Karen Sutherland which thrives in Melbourne and which is still flowering in the increasingly gloomy and mild to cold weather of early May. Here are photos of this pear-shaped wonder. The secret I think is to pick them at a medium size rather than wait for them to get too big.

Choko hanging off the foliage of a Tree Dahlia


  1. Hi Chris!
    Do all chokos stain your skin when you peel them? We used to eat them daily, simply grated up (raw) with carrot and pepper. Delicious. They also make a great coleslaw.

  2. ...I've never experienced the skin staining, I have to admit, or noticed it anyway! My Choko plants are powering back up the fence now that winter is over. I'm planning to eat more of the shoots this spring and summer as well