Saturday, February 5, 2011

Open Garden Scheme: Big Thanks!

Thank you to everyone who visited 'Sophia's Food Garden Sanctuary' this weekend!

I loved sharing the garden with everyone. There were lots of questions I couldn't answer, especially when it comes to possums! But I'm inspired now to post more on this blog with the stuff I do know and that includes information on companion planting, which lots of people asked about. I'll be keeping the blog updated more regularly. I was amazed and delighted by all the passion and interest in urban food gardening; it's the way of the future and it was pleasure talking to all of you.

Thanks so much to all the crew who helped guide people through the garden, helped with plant sales, making coffee and welcoming people at the door: Victoria, Alex, Tricia, Daniela, Nadine and Tano, Cassie, Fox, Rachael, Mum and Dad, Tim and Sandy, thank so much! And to Su from the Australian Open Garden Scheme for being so supportive of our desire to open the garden and helping us all the way. And finally thanks to Sophia who lives with and uses the garden every day and is there keeping an eye on it when I retreat back to my flat in Fitzroy. Thanks Sophia for letting me take over your backyard and for sharing its creation with me. I can't thank you enough. And yes Soph, gherkin cucumbers grow best on the ground!