Sunday, May 18, 2014

Enset(e) Abyssinian Banana - growth over summer

My Abyssinian Banana is enjoying Melbourne's late autumn mildness and warmth. It survived a nightmarish heatwave in January and hasn't looked back. The shots below show its growth since November of last year. I've got hold of three small ones in 20cm pots and may plant one more of these in garden. What I'd really like to do, perhaps in someone else's garden, is grow a grove of Abyssinian Banana and then prepare the corm or stem for eating in a few years' time. Here's two great Youtube videos on how important this plant is in the Gedeo region of Ethiopia -

November 2013


May 14

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  1. I grow several hardy Asian Musa species for foliage, shade and cooking (leaves), just up the road from you in Thornbury. They are M basjoo, sikkimensis and yunnanensis,
    Contact me on 0402 067 242 if you'd like to see them sometime.