Sunday, April 19, 2020

Freshly dug ‘Evangeline’ Sweet Potatoes (except for a few stray purple Northern Star). Evangeline is an orange fleshed bush variety that produces tubers in around 90 days as opposed to the usual requisite 120 days for most types. These are all from plants grown from cuttings inserted vertically into the ground. My untested hypothesis is that this helps produce torpedo shaped tubers that descend vertically 🤔. The gnarly tuber at the bottom right is the same variety but planted out from a pot in its second year. The preexisting tuber has continued to grow but in a cracked and bizarre way #harvest #autumnharvest #sweetpotatoharvest #ipomoeabatatas #backyardveggies #urbanagriculture #homegrown #homegrownveggies #homegrowncarbs #covidgardening

via People Plants Landscapes

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