Saturday, April 11, 2020

A productive planting of Rhubarb and three types of Taro (and some stray Hostas in pots - also edible). This is ‘down the side’ at my parents, a mysterious and confounding zone for domestic horticulture and rarely considered for edible gardening. This area has maybe 2-3 hours of direct sunlight at the height of summer, wedged between two houses. But there’s no overhead shade so plenty of useable photons bouncing around for plants with large leaves. Anyway, the proof is literally in the pudding as the Rhubarb has been magnificent this year and the Taro corms will be harvested in May through July #downtheside #rhubarbpatch #taropatch #colocasiaesculenta #foodgardens #lowlightgardening #photons #soundsscientific #ecophysiology #agroecology #urbanagriculture

via People Plants Landscapes

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