Friday, March 22, 2019

Timor Rock in the eastern Warrumbungles near Coonabarabran NSW. It’s a remnant of an old volcano from 17 million years ago, from the same ‘hot spot’ that created Mt Warning and the Victorian Volcanic Plains (it’s currently somewhere west of Bass Straight I believe). The rusted car is a family heirloom - a 1981 VB Commodore that took my brothers and me around Australia when my Dad had long service leave a lifetime ago. It was put out to pasture as a paddock basher on my brother’s farm but didn’t survive the 2013 Warrumungle fires. Now visibly resting in peace #warrumbunglenationalpark #warrumbungles #coonabarabran #countrynewsouthwales #paddockbasher #vbcommodore #rustedcar #burntoutcar #timorrock #oldvolcano #surreallandscape

via People Plants Landscapes

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