Friday, March 22, 2019

Things emerging at the Northcote Pool Kitchen Garden in time for mid to late autumn - Butternut Pumpkins and Sweet Potatoes. In these hot, climate change/catastrophe summers, Sweet Potatoes come into their own. They barely look back on the 40 Degree days and the tubers start forming early as long as they receive standard veggie patch irrigation, especially in the first two months. The purple Northern Star (bottom left) is usually available in supermarkets while the beige coloured Kestle (top right) is rarely seen. Either way they both yield well in Melbourne. And by this time of year the (edible) foliage is outcompeting weeds (bottom right) making it a super functional and attractive ground cover #sweetpotatoplants #batatasdoce #ipomoeabatatas #roottuber #groundcoverplants #climateadaptation #climateadaptedplants #climatecatastrophe #heatwaves #butternutpumpkin #edibleleaves #northcotepool #kitchengarden

via People Plants Landscapes

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