Wednesday, December 12, 2018

We loaded the truck, we drove to Dandenong Market, we planted out interesting plants with the Horticulture team from the City of Greater Dandenong and then we drove home via Roth Hetherington Reserve to drop off some Themeda Oat Grass (‘the other Themeda’). It’s always a pleasure to work with the gardeners at Dandenong led by the formidable Steve Nelson. These guys are a precious example of passionate and creative municipal maintenance gardeners working on 800 hectares of open space across Dandenong and Springvale. “Urban Green Space” gets a lot of attention in the academic literature for its real and potential ability to ameliorate a range of urban induced problems. None of this will happen I don’t think without investment in high quality and dedicated gardeners... @cityofgreaterdandenong should be very proud of theirs! Plants that went in today included Mountain Paw Paw, Babaco, Abyssinian Banana, Taro, Sweet Potato and more #dandenongmarket #municipalgardens #plantingout #highviz #highvizgang #novelcrops #panc #ensete #babaco #plantsofecuador #soapboxmoment #editorializing #urbangreenspace #onthetools

via People Plants Landscapes

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