Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Cherry plums rescued from marauding Lorikeets, Cockatoos and Fruit Bats. In bird and bat world the ‘low hanging fruit’ are the ‘high hanging fruit’ so these were picked at the comfort zone bipedal primate level up to about 1.5 metres off the ground. What’s so fascinating is that the Lorikeets eat only the flesh of the plums and let the seed drop while the White Cockatoos eat chew through the fruit to get to the seed. Then the Fruit Bats arrive at dusk and clock on for night shift - everyone’s a winner! #cherryplums #plums #handpickedfruit #wildfruittrees #beatthebirdstothem #backyardfruit #summerfruit #birdsandbats #novelecosystem #urbanwildlife

via People Plants Landscapes https://ift.tt/2A89kuz

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