Saturday, February 2, 2019

Goodbye garden! The compost bins are decanted and have been lying around like beheaded Daleks for a few days, off to their new home at the Northcote Pool tomorrow. It’s been scary watching couch regrow this summer from its tiny strands that I’ve oppressed like humanoid kryptonite to C4 grasses for so many Abyssinian Banana is 10 years old including its early life in.a pot and still shows no sign of flowering. I’m watering it to the bitter end before I abandon it to its fate next week in my chopper out of here (Ford Falcon Station Wagon). Over and out.#goodbyegarden #abandonedgarden #compostbins #daleks #obscurereference #leavingyoubehind #thefallof #outofhere #enseteventricosum

via People Plants Landscapes

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