Friday, June 29, 2018

When your Anglo-Celtic genes fail you and you’re a hot sweaty mess in tropical Cuba, afflicted by a week long bout of diarrhoea, do the following: meet a Peruvian born Cuban surgeon at a conference who takes you to his spacious apartment to meet his completely charming wife; then find that he starts digging around for ‘blocking’ medication for your impending long haul flight, then shows you his father’s private photos of Fidel Castro; finally have dinner together where you all discuss Cuba’s future and its need to fend off corporate neoliberalism while still opening its economy and government. Mucha(s) gracia(s) Sergio y Roma! #hotandsweaty #toomuchinformation #bodilyfunctions #solucky #imustlearnspanish #angloceltic #vivalarevolucion #fidelcastro #neoliberalismsucks #firstworldproblems

via People Plants Landscapes

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