Thursday, April 10, 2014

Choko or Chayote crop on its way

Finally I seem to be on the verge of having a successful crop of Chokos or Chayotes. A long, long time ago (in a garden far, far away etc)  I had a spiky version of Choko that was more cold tolerant than the ones sold commercially and it grew like crazy with hundreds of fruit. My Grandmother even stewed them with Granny Smith apples (as McDonalds was accused of doing with their Apple Pies here in Australia - some people believe this passionately but it's an urban myth). Anyway, I lost this vine and I haven't had much luck since then. I did grow a great vine several years ago which I've written a post about before but the fruiting wasn't very abundant. At any rate my friend Karen Sutherland of Edible Eden Design has a prolific Choko vine. She gave me some fruit last year and they sprouted during winter. I planted two along the fence here and as Choko vines seem to do, it grew slowly and steadily and then exploded once the really hot weather died down. More importantly it started flowering a good week or two before equinox and even more importantly there are lots (hundreds?) of tiny Chokos swelling along the vine (see photos below). I can't wait to eat the first one. More on Chokos down the track.

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