Friday, January 20, 2012

Sophia's succulents for sale

Apart from the edible plants that make up most of the back yard there are also many succulents growing in the front garden. These plants have been carefully selected and arranged by Sophia who has now propagated quite a few for sale. In her own words:

"In the front garden and nature strip there is a large array of succulents on display, this garden is now two years old and boosts colour diversity and foliage contrast. Over the weekend of the open garden there will be a sustainable and fun selection of succulents for sale presented by a new concept called 'Little Pots and Plants'. The concept is to support local charity op shops through the purchase of different items such as bags, shoes and kitchenwares (to name a few) and upcycle these into useable, fun and adorable outdoor pots for succulents". 

These succulents look great and I am amazed how well they do in partial shade growing out of shoes or old jugs - you'll see them as you walk down the side of the house upon entering the garden. 

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